The International Satellite system for Search and Rescue
Cospas-Sarsat System Documents
More are available from the "Documentation" pull-down menu at the top of each page.
General Documents
Handbook of Regulations on 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz Beacons Annex B
Technical Documents
406 MHz Beacon Decode Program  Enter your 406 MHz ELT's Hex code and see what information it transmits. 
(Use MS Internet Explorer)
Selecting a 406 MHz ELT message protocol.  Contact your local regulatory agency for your requirements.  Some
OEMs may limit your choices to certain protocols.  These choices may be negotiable.
Cospas-Sarsat Beacon Coding Table of Contents  Probably more than you want to know here.
UNITED STATES 406 MHz BEACON REGISTRATION DATABASE SYSTEM  Register your USA coded 406 MHz beacon online
Honeywell ELTs
Artex ELTs
406 MHz Country Codes
406 MHz ELT Beacon Decoder (added, I might add, if I wasn't too humble to mention it, after my suggestion to the COSPAS-SARSAT Secretariat)

Files for download:
ELT System Description
An overview of a typical COSPAS-SARSAT compliant ELT system, including airborne, space and ground-based components.  (I just uploaded this file to the website tonight and I see there are some formatting problems, but nothing too serious.  I'll fix them soon.)

Information on the ELT programming requirements for a few countries.

Automatic ELT Requirements for Commercial Jet Transports
My own compilation of Automatic ELT requirements for comercial jet transports (Same as link at top of page)

NPA (Notice of Proposed Amendment) OPS 37
Part II contains proposed changes to the wording of JAR-OPS 1.820, 1.830 and 1.835.

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